Self Defense Through the Use of a Massage Therapist Salt Lake City

It might seem unlikely that a person could defend their self through the use of a massage therapist Salt Lake City or any other city for that matter. Obviously a massage therapist will most likely not be present in the case of an assault. But this is not the manner in which the defense of the self will transpire (as considered by this blog post). No, the manner in which the defense of the self would transpire as considered by this blog post is more along the lines of a person who makes regular use of a massage therapist will be in a better position (generally speaking) to defend their self should they find their self in a dangerous situation.


Consider the following. A person who makes regular use of a massage therapist will likely be in a more relaxed state that a person who does not make regular use of a massage therapist. Further, a person who is less relaxed than another person is more likely to be distracted by their own mental state. Further, a person who is distracted is less likely to effectively defend themselves in a dangerous situation than a person who is not distracted. Therefore, a person who makes regular use of a massage therapist will be in a better position to defend themselves (generally speaking) than a person who does not make regular use of a massage therapist simply because the person who does make regular use of a massage therapist will be more relaxed and therefore less distracted.

Accordingly, the conclusion is very simple. One way in which a person can increase their natural ability to defend themselves is to make regular use of a massage therapist. This conclusion is so obvious that it hardly needs a blog post to articulate it.

The Best Defense is a Maid Service Salt Lake City

It might be surprising for the readers of the Self Defense News Blog to read the phrase the best defense is a maid service Salt Lake City for obvious reasons. These obvious reasons are that maid services (be they in Salt Lake City or any other city) are not normally associated with issues related to self defense. The purpose of this blog post is to disabuse our loyal readers of this rather glaring misconception. Because the simple fact of the matter is that these two things (i. e., a maid service and self defense) go quite literally hand in hand.


We all know the benefits of keeping a clean house. When a person’s house is clean then he or she can think more clearly because clutter begets clutter in the mind. But cleaning a house requires time and effort. This time and effort spent cleaning could be allocated to other more pressing affairs. For this reason it makes perfect sense to hire a maid service to clean ones house in order to free up that time and effort for other matters. Once this is accomplished not only will the house be de-cluttered but the mind will be as well because there is no longer the matter of cleaning the house to dwell upon.

We all know the benefits of an uncluttered mind as it relates to self defense. When a person is being assaulted there is no time to think. Reactions and reflexes must take over in order to save the self from harm. Walking around with a cluttered mind because one’s house happens to be cluttered will impair this self defense process. Therefore it is imperative that a person keep his or her house clean in order to protect themselves from possible assault.

Man Defends Self By Beating Assailant With Tote Pump

A trending news story in the world of Self Defense News involves a Raleigh man who defended himself by beating an assailant over the head with a tote pump until the assailant broke off his attack and ran away. The incident happened in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina on October 10, 2017 at 1:15 am. The man was walking home from a bar to his apartment when the attack happened.

“It’s a good thing I had that tote pump on me when the guy came up to me,” said the man who asked to remain anonymous.

When asked why he had the item in his possession he said that he had won the item in a karaoke contest at the aforementioned bar.

This goes to show that we all must remain vigilant especially at night in an urban environment. Certainly, possessing a firearm is probably a more effective means of defense, however, in a pinch any item and even a good fist or kick can make the difference between being a victim and defending yourself.

And that is what we are all about here at the Self Defense News Blog. That is, we are all about people taking a stand and defending themselves. For too long we have been fed the line that if we are mugged we should give the attacker what they want. It is better to loose a few dollars than to loose your life. This is true to a certain extent however, we have seen that this type of submissive attitude only leads to an emboldened criminal which in turn leads to a lower quality of life for all. At a certain point the quality of life for all must take priority over the preservation of ones own life. In other words why place such a priority on your own life if its quality is low?

The Least Affordable Golf Carts Florida Has To Offer For the Purposes of Self Defense

Lots of people interested in self defensive news are understandably seeking the most affordable golf carts Florida has to offer but relatively few people are seeking the least affordable golf carts in Florida. This makes logical sense as people living all over Florida from Tallahassee to Port Charlotte naturally want to spend as little of their hard earned money as they can for the products and services they desire. Times are tough out there ever since the Great Recession and people are tightening their belts. This is why people are in no way looking to spend more money on a golf cart than is necessary.


At this point we have established that people want affordable golf carts as opposed to overly priced golf carts. We have also established that this makes sense as people do not want to spend more for a product or service (in this case product) than they would otherwise have to do. If only there was a business that was established for the purposes of selling affordable golf carts in the state of Florida. Many people in the city of Port Charlotte are looking for just such a business to serve their golf cart needs.

Golf carts are a very useful means of conveyance. When you think about it cars are very large and cumbersome especially when you just need to get from one part of the retirement home to the other. Golf carts seem to be a more reasonable way to get around. For one thing they are much smaller and more maneuverable than a full sized automobile. Moreover, when you drive in a golf cart you can feel the fresh air in your face more so than when you are enclosed within a stifling automobile. At this point the choice should be clear.

News Report : Park City Transportation Used for Self Defense

The Self Defense News editorial board is receiving widely scattered reports of people who have used Park City transportation as a means of self defense. It can happen to any of us. We are out for a night on the town in beautiful Park City. Perhaps we have had one too many drinks for the evening. We are trying to make our way home when we take a wrong turn and suddenly find ourselves on the wrong side of the tracks. What was once a seemingly safe neighborhood now seems dark and threatening. What to do? We naturally do what anyone in this day and age would do. We reach for our phone.


If we are luck we have not yet been approached by a nefarious assailant. But what if one or more appears and approaches menacingly? With phone in hand we run down the street to find a secluded area in which we can take momentary refuge. From this location we dial the number for a Park City cab service. We tell them our location as best we can discern and then we wait for them to arrive. With luck the nefarious assailants will not discover our hiding spot.

If the assailants do discover us we must again arise and take flight. We must find another hiding spot in which to wait. If this new spot is far away from the old spot then we must call the cab service and notify them of our new location. And then we wait again. With luck it will be a simple process of laying low and remaining quiet until the cab arrives. When it does arrive we quickly slip into the cab and breath a well earned sigh of relief. We made it. We have defended the self.

The Fastest Golf Carts South Florida Can Provide

When one inquires as to where to obtain the fastest golf carts south Florida can provide it makes sense to look for the answer in the city of Port Charlotte. Allow me to explain my line of reasoning. First of all, most people are well aware of Port Charlotte’s well earned reputation for fast golf carts. But the question remains: does Port Charlotte have the fastest golf carts? To answer this question I had perform a certain degree of in depth research.


When one starts to research any topic in these modern times the temptation is to first turn to the internet. Interestingly enough, this is not the most effective means of determining where one can obtain the fastest golf carts in the southern portion of the Floridian peninsula. Certainly the internet can be used to buttress other sorts of research. That is, internet research can “fill in the gaps” where other forms of research is lacking. But internet research (as I said previously) should not be the primary source of information. So then, what should be the primary source of information? That (my friend) shall be the subject of paragraph number three.

There are multiple sources of research (other than internet sources) that I have found to be the most useful when looking for the fastest golf carts in South Florida. First of all, nothing beats good old fashioned walking the beat and physically observing the reality of the situation. To truly understand the speed of a golf cart one does not read about fast golf carts. Rather one must get behind the wheel of a golf cart and take it for a spin. It is in this actual experience that one will find the answer to these questions that would otherwise have plagued him or her.


The News Regarding Using a Massage Therapist Murray for Self Defense

It is not unheard of for a person to use a massage therapist Murray for self defense. Despite the fact that this is not unheard of many people still might not know how this might come to be. But with the use of a little imagination we all might come to see how this situation could manifest. For example, supposing a person is being attacked by an assailant while at the same time a massage therapist from Murray happens to be walking by. One might imagine that the victim, in an effort to protect himself grabs a hold of the massage therapist and positions the massage therapist between him and his assailant.


There are other situations where a person might use a massage therapist to defend himself. For example, supposing the massage therapist happens to be a big and strong person. One might imagine the victim calling upon the massage therapist to come to his aid. The therapist might not have to be big and strong to perform this function. If the massage therapist has a license to carry a firearm he or she might use his or her weapon to defend the victim as well.

One might also picture the victim of an assault running from his assailant and taking refuge in a near by massage parlor. This of course assumes that a massage parlor is located near the location of the assault. This also assumes that the massage parlor is open for business at the time and that the massage therapist inhabiting this massage parlor is willing to come to the defense of the victim of the assault. In conclusion, as stated in the first paragraph it is not unheard of for a person to use a massage therapist for the purpose of self defense.

No Self Defense News is Good News with the Texas License to Carry

In the world of the Texas license to carry no self defense news is definitely good news. What we mean by this is that the laws in the state of Texas regarding obtaining a license to openly carry a firearm in public places are some of the least restrictive regulations in all the United States of America. For this reason, it is the considered opinion of the Self Defense News blog that no change in the law (that is, no news) is a good development. In other words we want things to stay exactly the way they are in Texas.


The Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution reads as follows:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

This amendment has been interpreted to mean that the Federal and state government cannot restrict the right to bear arms. Obviously this does not mean that the right to bear arms cannot be regulated as it clearly is in that in order to obtain a firearm a person must undergo a background check in many cases.

The fact that the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution makes reference to a “well regulated militia” has never been interpreted as a bar for a citizen who is not a member of a militia from obtaining a firearm. Technically, the language of the Second Amendment does not require militia membership in order for the Second Amendment to apply. The plain language suggests that a well regulated militia is the reason for not infringing upon the right to bear arms but this is not a requirement. Moreover, the language does not distinguish between Federal and state regulation.

Massage Therapist Salt Lake City

If one happens to be looking for a professional massage therapist Salt Lake City, there are many places to choose from. Some might seek a therapist who is trained in a variety of modalities and techniques. Some might seek a therapist who happens to specialize in an innovative, unique method of structural massage classified as Integrated Structural Massage. They might want the goal of the therapist to be to facilitate homeostasis (also known as balance) in the body so as to counteract dysfunction that can pull the body out of natural alignment.


Some might even seek a message therapist who uses her feet with bars for support. Some might desire a therapist who combines compression with vibration to access the deeper layers of tissue in order to release tension. They would want this because releasing this tension helps the body move back into its natural alignment. People generally want a message session to be fully customized to meet the customer’s specific needs. If the customer happens to have a specific area that need more focus he or she would want the therapist to work on that area with first with her hands and then followed by the Integrated Structural for the rest of the time. On the other hand if the customer would like just a regular massage he or she would want a therapist who can do can do that as well.

Regardless of the type of message the customer wants essentially it is important that the message therapist caters to his or her needs. When the customer’s needs are properly catered to by the message therapist the customer will have a satisfactory experience. And when the customer has a satisfactory experience the world becomes a much better place indeed.

Obtain a Texas License to Carry in 2017

It is the considered opinion of the Self Defense News Blog that each and every one of its readers obtain a Texas license to carry in 2017. We stand firm with this opinion even if the reader of the Self Defense Blog does not actually reside within the boarders of the state of Texas. You may ask in response to this assertion why the Self Defense News Blog holds this opinion. That question is certainly understandable because the Texas state license to carry a firearm is only applicable within the jurisdiction of the state of Texas. As such, one might legitimately wonder why a non resident of Texas would want to obtain said license.


There are several reasons why a person who does not live in Texas would want to obtain a license to carry in the state of Texas. One reason might be that the person in question has future plans to travel to Texas and wants to carry a firearm when he or she gets there. Another reason might be that the person in question is a collector of licenses to carry and needs a Texas license to complete his or her collection.

Once a person obtains such a license he or she will then be able to carry a firearm within the state of Texas. This license allows the person who holds said license to carry a firearm in most public places. There are some exceptions and we invite all Self Defense News Blog readers to research the law to find out just what these specific exceptions happen to be. Once the reader of the Self Defense News Blog readers learn about these exceptions they will then know where they can carry a firearm and where they cannot carry a firearm.