Class A and Class B Misdemeanor Offenses

When a person receives a letter in the mail from the Texas Department of Public Safety informing the person that his or her Texas license to carry is being suspended because of a pending Class B Misdemeanor, what action should he or she take? An additional and related question he or she might have is why is the license being suspended prior to a court hearing on the matter at issue? According to the Texas Government Code (Section 411.187) the Texas Department of Public Safety is required to suspend any license in the event the license holder has been charged with a Class A or Class B misdemeanor. Accordingly, the law does not require the license holder to be convicted of the offense but only charged with the offense in order for his or her license to be suspended.

The license may or may not be reinstated depending on the type of charge and whether the license holder is eventually convicted of the offense or placed on probation. If the license holder is subsequently acquitted of the charged offense his or her license will then be reinstated. This is true as long as the Texas license to carry has not expired during the suspension period.

Upon conviction of a Class A or Class B Misdemeanor the license to carry will be subject to revocation. As soon as the Texas Department of Public Safety receives notice of the conviction it will dispatch a letter to the license holder informing him or her that his or her license has been revoked as a result of the conviction. Once the license has been revoked the license holder will not be eligible to reapply until after a period of five years has elapsed subsequent to the conviction of the Class A or Class B Misdemeanor.