Self Defense at a Distance

The editorial board of the Self Defense blog knows intimately well that many of our loyal readers are people who are interested in obtaining a Texas license to carry. In many cases they are interested in obtaining this license because they want to be able to protect themselves in the event that they are attacked by another person. They are well aware that there will always be another person who is stronger or a better fighter than they are and the only way to even the playing field is to own and know how to effectively use a personal firearm.

Along with obtaining a Texas license to carry the many readers of the Self Defense blog are interested in receiving instruction on different self defense techniques. Unfortunately, the selection of a practical and effective self-defense program in this day and age can be an arduous and confusing process. This is true because there are many, many schools and businesses that claim expertise in the area of self defense that they may or may not actually have.  Moreover, much of the training typically involves years and years of lessons and instruction in the art of hand-to-hand grappling or fighting.

The editorial board of the Self Defense blog wishes to emphatically make the following point.   Hand-to-hand combat with an assailant is the very last situation you ever want to be involved with. This is absolutely true regardless of a person’s experience level because the odds of being overpowered and seriously injured (or worse) are increased exponentially during the course of hand to hand combat.  For this reason alone we strongly encourage training courses that teach self defense and the defense of loved ones from a distance.  This distance is often referred to as the “Survival Gap” or “Reactionary Gap.”