The Best Defense is a Maid Service Salt Lake City

It might be surprising for the readers of the Self Defense News Blog to read the phrase the best defense is a maid service Salt Lake City for obvious reasons. These obvious reasons are that maid services (be they in Salt Lake City or any other city) are not normally associated with issues related to self defense. The purpose of this blog post is to disabuse our loyal readers of this rather glaring misconception. Because the simple fact of the matter is that these two things (i. e., a maid service and self defense) go quite literally hand in hand.


We all know the benefits of keeping a clean house. When a person’s house is clean then he or she can think more clearly because clutter begets clutter in the mind. But cleaning a house requires time and effort. This time and effort spent cleaning could be allocated to other more pressing affairs. For this reason it makes perfect sense to hire a maid service to clean ones house in order to free up that time and effort for other matters. Once this is accomplished not only will the house be de-cluttered but the mind will be as well because there is no longer the matter of cleaning the house to dwell upon.

We all know the benefits of an uncluttered mind as it relates to self defense. When a person is being assaulted there is no time to think. Reactions and reflexes must take over in order to save the self from harm. Walking around with a cluttered mind because one’s house happens to be cluttered will impair this self defense process. Therefore it is imperative that a person keep his or her house clean in order to protect themselves from possible assault.