The News Regarding Using a Massage Therapist Murray for Self Defense

It is not unheard of for a person to use a massage therapist Murray for self defense. Despite the fact that this is not unheard of many people still might not know how this might come to be. But with the use of a little imagination we all might come to see how this situation could manifest. For example, supposing a person is being attacked by an assailant while at the same time a massage therapist from Murray happens to be walking by. One might imagine that the victim, in an effort to protect himself grabs a hold of the massage therapist and positions the massage therapist between him and his assailant.


There are other situations where a person might use a massage therapist to defend himself. For example, supposing the massage therapist happens to be a big and strong person. One might imagine the victim calling upon the massage therapist to come to his aid. The therapist might not have to be big and strong to perform this function. If the massage therapist has a license to carry a firearm he or she might use his or her weapon to defend the victim as well.

One might also picture the victim of an assault running from his assailant and taking refuge in a near by massage parlor. This of course assumes that a massage parlor is located near the location of the assault. This also assumes that the massage parlor is open for business at the time and that the massage therapist inhabiting this massage parlor is willing to come to the defense of the victim of the assault. In conclusion, as stated in the first paragraph it is not unheard of for a person to use a massage therapist for the purpose of self defense.