News Report : Park City Transportation Used for Self Defense

The Self Defense News editorial board is receiving widely scattered reports of people who have used Park City transportation as a means of self defense. It can happen to any of us. We are out for a night on the town in beautiful Park City. Perhaps we have had one too many drinks for the evening. We are trying to make our way home when we take a wrong turn and suddenly find ourselves on the wrong side of the tracks. What was once a seemingly safe neighborhood now seems dark and threatening. What to do? We naturally do what anyone in this day and age would do. We reach for our phone.


If we are luck we have not yet been approached by a nefarious assailant. But what if one or more appears and approaches menacingly? With phone in hand we run down the street to find a secluded area in which we can take momentary refuge. From this location we dial the number for a Park City cab service. We tell them our location as best we can discern and then we wait for them to arrive. With luck the nefarious assailants will not discover our hiding spot.

If the assailants do discover us we must again arise and take flight. We must find another hiding spot in which to wait. If this new spot is far away from the old spot then we must call the cab service and notify them of our new location. And then we wait again. With luck it will be a simple process of laying low and remaining quiet until the cab arrives. When it does arrive we quickly slip into the cab and breath a well earned sigh of relief. We made it. We have defended the self.